CURT Dust Suppression Control & Monitoring Software

All of your Dust and Odour Suppression Systems under control with CURT management software


CURT (Control Unit for Remote-controlled Turbines) is software which enables you to monitor and control all of your dust suppression and odour suppression machinery, site-wide from a central location. It also enables automation of these systems as it can react to several different inputs. The software can be conveniently accessed by a PC or laptop, to monitor conditions and manage machines in real-time, all with the click of a mouse.

For certain operating processes that normally generate dust and odours, the times and triggers for automatic activation and deactivation of the system can be set based on several inputs. Control of dust and odour is no longer the responsibility of the workers, instead it will occour automatically with high energy efficiency. CURT can react to the following inputs, with each input separately definable for each dust controller in the system: –

    • Time control with calendar function
    • Various atmospheric conditions such as wind, rain, temperature, humidity
    • Ultrasound
    • Photocell
    • Dust sensors
    • Electronic noses (odour sensors)


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CURT offers you and your team the following advantages:

    • Completely independent function of you dust suppression systems based on pre-defined parameters
    • Time saving, less risk of complaints and improved safety for operators thanks to automation or control of systems by clicking a mouse
    • Economic dust and odour control with high efficiency, saving you energy and water as the machinery will only operate when it is required
    • Perfect adaptability for all customer requirements thanks to the different type of inputs available
    • Clear graphics and simple to use software
    • Possibility to equip CURT with previously installed EmiControls dust controllers


Practical examples for a typical work day

The system be it a dust control cannon or a fixed dust suppression installation is automatically activated through ultrasound or photocell upon entrance of a truck to a ROM bin or unloading area. When the truck exists the area the system deactivates. This process can be associated with a scheduled time control function for example.

In case of rain, the dust controllers can be automatically deactivated or in strong winds the controller upwind of the dust generation will automatically operate whereas the controller down wind will deactivate.

Future features for the CURT system include a smart phone app and connection to SCADA systems.

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Thanks to CURT the entire hydraulic system can be visualised and managed on a PC or laptop

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