Tecpro Australia – Technical Solutions You Can Rely On.

Tecpro Australia are the spray nozzle specialists who offer technical advice and supply of spray nozzles, CIP tank cleaning equipment, wash down guns, hose reels and hose, filter nozzles, fog nozzles, dust cannons and misting systems for dust suppression or evaporative cooling.

Founded in 1982, Tecpro Australia has developed an enviable reputation for providing reliable and cost effective technical solutions for a vast range of industrial applications. Through their technical expertise and comprehensive knowledge, the Tecpro team prides itself on being able to solve even the most challenging engineering problems. Tecpro Australia – Technical Solutions You Can Rely On.



  • conveyor-cleaning-systems Conveyor cleaning is now easier and more cost effective than ever beforeWhile the end product may look tantalisingly delicious, anyone involved in food and beverage manufacturing knows it can be a dirty, sticky business. Often manual conveyor cleaning is undertaken to ensure Australia’s first-class hygiene protocols are attained. However, many manufacturers are finding effective conveyor cleaning is achievable simply by installing the correct spray nozzles for  ...read more