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WRAS Water Certification Web 150x150 News Don’t risk your consumers’ health by using uncertified water filter nozzlesWhen it comes to drinking water, the filter nozzles you use, and their associated component parts, should be certified for safety. Some manufacturers have achieved certification for the raw materials they use, and while this is a reassuring first step, it doesn’t provide full protection. The problem lies in the transformation of polymer grain to more
Panel Mounting Plates for Hose Reels Web 150x150 News Reducing cool room trips and fallsMany cool room walls are made from insulated foam panels sandwiched between rigid support materials. While they suit their purpose and offer tremendous insulation properties, the walls are not strong enough to support the weight of the hoses and hose reels used in cleaning. This leaves cleaning teams with 2 choices. They can either leave more
Dry Fog Humidifier Kit Web 150x150 News Dry Fog Technology Achieves High-Quality Mushroom CropsAs every commercial mushroom grower knows, accurate temperature and humidity controls are imperative throughout every growth stage to ensure a high quality crop. Mushrooms don’t have a barrier between their surface and the air as they have no skin. Comprised of 90% water, they will dry out and shrink quickly if the humidity levels are more
Factory warehouse cooling systems Web 150x150 News Misting fans – protect workers in extreme heat conditionsSome industries require their teams to work in extreme temperatures due to the weather or as a result of the work itself. In these environments, employers have a duty of care to reduce the risk of heat related illness where “reasonably practical”. But as we know, in some locations, this task is not easy. In more
Orange Sky Case Study 150x150 News How do you wash your clothes when you’re homeless?In 2014, this simple question inspired two young men to begin a mobile washing service for people experiencing homelessness around the Brisbane city area. Today they provide regular laundry and shower services in 22 locations nationally and Tecpro Australia are very proud to support their work. Orange Sky run their laundry and shower services out of more
Improved V22 Dust Controller Web 150x150 News New Improved V22 Dust Controller  When the original, Italian designed and manufactured V22 Dust Controller arrived in Australia, it was widely regarded as one of the most innovative and versatile dust suppression solution s available. But the latest model of the V22 has changed industry expectations again. Like its predecessor, it is possible to use the new V22 Dust Controller more
H1 Swing Dust Suppression System Web 150x150 News Keep dust under control with the H1 SwingThe bigger the site, the more dust or odour there is to control – especially in the mining, bulk handling and waste transfer business. The challenge lies in how to install an efficient dust suppression system quickly so it won’t interfere with operations.   Tecpro Australia has the solution with the H1 Misting System. Its more
IBC Cleaning Package Web 150x150 News A flexible, mobile cleaning solution for your IBC tanksIntermediate bulk containers (IBCs) are flexible, moveable (and often recyclable) industrial containers that are used in thousands of ways every day. So they need an equally flexible, mobile cleaner to remove every trace of residue left behind after each use. The high pressure, hot water IBC Tank Cleaner from Tecpro Australia offers the complete IBC more
Lilac Hose Reels Web Social 150x150 News Custom coloured hose reels for clear identificationLilac coloured taps and hoses can be found wherever recycled water is used. But until now, there hasn’t been a hose reel to match. When a water treatment plant in Victoria, Australia asked Tecpro Australia if they could produce hose reels to match their recycled water hoses, the answer was a definite “yes!” You might more
Gresswell Safety Valves Web 150x150 News Gresswell Safety Valves – Trusted to Deliver  Wherever there is a risk of a dangerous over-pressure event, you will probably find Gresswell Safety Valves. Since the 1930’s Gresswell has been designing and manufacturing Safety Valves to suit a wide range of pressure systems.   Over the years, their quality, safety and reliability has been put to the test in a variety more

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