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Dry Fog Disinfection Stand Lobby 150x150 News Deep Clean Disinfection After Hours with Plug and Go TechnologyIn high traffic areas, regular disinfection is essential. But now there is a new type of disinfection unit that can deep clean your premises using simple plug and go technology. The Dry-Fog Disinfection Spray Unit gives businesses, public buildings and education facilities the power to deep clean at the end of each day. Using Dry more
RW atomiser web 150x150 News Improved design delivers fine mist – even at low pressureDelivering a fine, evaporative mist when water pressures are low can be challenging. But the new RW Hollow Cone Hydraulic Atomiser Nozzle Tips from PNR are designed to do just that. With flow rates from 0.08 l/pm @ 3 bar, the RW Nozzle Tips provide a finely atomised hollow cone spray at very low pressure more
Certified Filter Nozzles 150x150 News Food Contact Certified Filter NozzlesIt’s been 20 years since the French Health Authorities introduced a rigorous safety standard to prevent drinking water contamination caused by plastic filter nozzles. Since then, a number of additional safety certifications have been introduced for components that come in direct contact with food and water intended for human consumption. One of these is 1935/2004 more
Mirror Polished Eductors 1 Web 150x150 News Meeting the challenge! Mirror polished eductors for ultra-hygienic manufacturingWhen a pharmaceutical manufacturer needed mirror-polished tank mixing eductors for 3 new tanks, they knew it would be a challenging request. After putting it out to tender, they found only one specialist engineering supplier who truly understood their requirements and could provide exactly what they needed. That was Tecpro Australia. The challenge A pharmaceutical manufacturer more
Tablet Coating Nozzles 2 150x150 News Coating nozzles eliminate disruptions for Sydney pharmaceutical companyProducing tablets with an easy to digest coating was causing significant disruption to a Sydney-based pharmaceutical company. During production, there were issues with obtaining an even coating. In addition, the nozzles were habitually jamming – requiring frequent cleaning and replacement. As a result, production was inefficient and there was recurrent downtime. The nozzles had to more
Twister Hose Nozzles 150x150 News Twist spray heads for high impact cleaningIf you need a high impact spray head for cleaning large, tough areas, the new Twister Spray Heads from Tecpro Australia may be just the thing. The European designed and manufactured Twister Spray Heads can handle 16 bar water pressure at a flow of up to 500 l/min. Made from AISI 304 Stainless Steel, impact-resistant more
A300R Tank Cleaning Head Web 150x150 News Tank cleaning head with real grunt!New to Australia – a self-propelled cleaning head engineered specifically to clean large tanks and closed containers. In fact, it is purpose-designed for situations requiring high pressure and high volume tank cleaning to eliminate very difficult to remove products. The Italian designed and manufactured A300R tank cleaning head provides 360° coverage and is more cost-effective more
Flanged Tank Mixing Eductors Web 150x150 News Flanged Eductors – Customised Solution for Potable Water ReservoirTank Mixing Eductors are a game changer when it comes to mixing liquids in suspension because they eliminate the need for mechanical devices. But it can be challenging to find an eductor that’s suitable for large tanks. That’s where a bespoke designed and manufactured eductor solution may be required. But where do you start? Customised more
Lance Air Atomising Nozzles for Continuous Casting Web 150x150 News Atomising spray nozzles efficiently cooling metals during continuous castingContinuous casting has been around since the 1950s and is used to provide low cost/high quality production of steel, aluminium and copper before rolling in finishing mills. An important part of the continuous casting process is cooling the metal by spraying it with atomised water as it travels between the rollers. However, the clearance between more
Spray Nozzle Quality Control 1 150x150 News Spray nozzle quality using robotic checking to guarantee performanceNot every application relies on spray nozzle accuracy. But if you do, you need to check out the QA systems now in operation at PNR Italy. Their engineering team have designed and built their own QA testing robots and the videos on their website showing the robotic testing in action are fascinating. What’s more important more

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