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Ramex Hose Reels New Design Web 150x150 News Hose Reels just got sexier!For many, a hose reel is just a hose reel. But if your hose reel is part of your workday equipment, you soon discover there’s a huge difference between brands in terms of ease of use and robust construction. It’s particularly true with the Ramex brand of hose reels. Once you try a Ramex Hose more
CURT Dust Control Monitoring Software Web 150x150 News CURT – Dust Control and Monitoring SoftwareIn a world first, mine and quarry operators can now control dust and odours automatically and remotely from a PC, laptop or smart phone. Introducing CURT – a Control Unit for Remote-controlled Turbines – a fully automated, site-wide monitoring and control system for dust and odour suppression. This sophisticated software allows mine operators to control more
Tunnel Fire Fighting Nozzle 150x150 News New nozzle for fire protection in tunnelsThe fire risks associated with tunnels, especially those used for transportation, can be substantial. In fact, they can be one of the worst environments to extinguish a fire as they are often underground and therefore a long distance from safety. To save lives, every second counts. This is why the new RRZ nozzle is so more
New V12s Dust Controller Web 150x150 News Quietest Dust Controller in the world is now better than ever!Looking for a super quiet dust suppression unit? The new and improved V12s Dust Control Cannon from Emi Controls is definitely worth considering. At only 60 dBA within a radius of 20m, the V12s Dust Control Cannon operates at the same noise level as normal speech. That makes it ideal for use in urban construction more
PN PO Hollow Cone Spray Nozzles 150x150 News Newly designed Hollow Cone Spray Nozzles offer improved durabilityJust released:  a re-designed range of Hollow Cone Spray Nozzles that can operate at higher working temperatures and pressures than ever before. Italian designed and manufactured by PNR, the Hollow Cone Spray Nozzles are ideally suited to applications such as exhaust gas scrubbing, pre-treatment processes, dust suppression, foam control as well as cooling and humidification more
High Volume Heavy Duty Hose Nozzle Web 150x150 News When you have a lot of cleaning to do, grab the Giant!Some cleaning jobs need a lot of water. There’s just no getting around it. So to improve efficiency and reduce cleaning times, you need a high flow spray device. Just arrived in Australia, the new Giant High Flow Spray Head can deliver 200 l/min at 2 bar and up to 370 l/min at 7 bar. more
Level Wind Hose Guide web 150x150 News Farewell hose tangles. Hello neat and even hose reels.When work is hectic, the last thing you need is a hose that bunches up or tangles as it’s retracted. But who wants to stand there, manually guiding the hose onto the reel? The new Level Wind Hose Guide automatically guides the hose, moving left to right so the hose lays flat across the entire more
ZPN Mini Clamps Web 150x150 News New ZPN Mini Spray Nozzle ClampsInnovative pipe clamps make spray bar installation super easy! Traditionally spray bars required pre-fabrication (such as welding) prior to installation. Once installed, adjusting the spray or adding additional nozzles was difficult. But an innovative new product has simplified the whole process. Designed and made in Italy, the ZPN Mini Pipe Clamps enable any spray pipe more
Washdown Guns Overview sent 01.05.2019 150x150 News Wash down guns for every application from the largest range in AustraliaWith the largest range of wash down guns in Australasia, Tecpro Australia has a wash down gun for every application. The range includes hose guns suitable for high or low pressure applications. Some are colour coded to identify hot or cold water while others come in white, often used for the dairy, food, beverage and more
E46 Floating Evaporator 150x150 News Improved Wastewater Evaporation – E46 EvaporatorCommonly used in desalination plants, mining operations and decontamination applications, evaporation ponds are designed to efficiently evaporate water using sunlight and ambient temperatures. But nature can’t always work as fast as industry desires and that’s where the E46 Floating Evaporator can help. Rapid evaporation rates depend on high temperatures, low relative humidity and high wind more

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