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Dust Suppression and Dust Control


Choosing the best dust suppression solution is simpler with Tecpro’s specialist advice.
When it comes to suppressing dust, there’s no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Identifying the right approach from the numerous choices available requires careful consideration of several key factors, including the type of dust, how the dust is generated and available water supply.

Tecpro Australia has over three decades experience in formulating and implementing effective dust suppression and dust control solutions in a variety of environments which include (but not limited to):

  • Mining – haul roads, ROM bins and dump hoppers, conveyors, crushers, rail cars, longwall dust suppression.
  • Quarries – haul roads, stockpiles, bins and hoppers, conveyors, transfer points, crushers
  • Ship loading – Stockpiles, conveyors, transfer points, discharge points
  • Construction – demolition sites, haul roads, heavy machinery, excavations
  • Concrete plants – Truck loading, transfer points, hoppers, conveyors, haul roads
  • Waste transfer stations – heavy machinery, dump hoppers, haul roads
  • Material handling – Stockpiles, crushers, conveyors, transfer and discharge points, haul roads


In doing so, we’ve helped our clients to significantly improve workplace safety, reduce wear and tear on equipment, and improve community relations by eliminating or reducing dust in the vicinity.

Read more about our Dust suppression audit and strategy consultation.

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Why Tecpro Australia?


We Customise. 

We understand every dust suppression problem is unique and requires an individual solution. Our priority is to assess the dust problem being experienced, and then develop a solution based on our findings and your requirements.

We Collaborate.

We will work closely with your team to ensure all needs are understood and met, and commit in delivering a best for project and budget solution.

Our Expertise.

Dust suppression is not just about adding more water. Our experienced technical specialists will assess your problem and formulate an implementation plan that will deliver optimum benefits for your workplace, your people and the environment.

Our Products.

We have a wide range of products from air atomising and hydraulic spray nozzles to misting systems and dust cannons, the latest equipment that will ensure your dust problems will be resolved. We also design and manufacture custom-made products and systems as required.

Tecpro applies stringent standards when choosing its range of high performance dust suppression products and solutions. We source our products from leading suppliers worldwide, predominantly from Europe, and are proud to be the exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributor for a number of industry leading companies.

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Draw on our expertise in this vitally important area and choose the best dust suppression and control method for your specific dust problem.

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