Nautilus – Autonomous Dust Controller

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The Nautilus is mounted on a platform and designed so that any truck with a 6m loading ramp can load it. It is the ideal solution for all applications where lack of water and electricity does not allow the use of standard equipment. The Nautilus can work autonomously for up to a maximum of eight hours (at 20 l / min). Thanks to its small size, it can be easily sent all over the world.

The Nautilus is equipped with our particularly quiet dust controller (60 dB (A) at 20 m), which can operate at two levels of speed. It also has a 10,000-liter water tank and a 60 kVA power generator.

What makes the Nautilus unique:
It can work entirely independently because it has its own water tank and generato
Two levels of speed: the special motor for the Nautilus can work with 3kW (reach: up to 30 meters), and also with 11 kW (range: up to 50 meters), and at 1,000 and 1,500 U/m respectively
The device is very easy to transpor
Specially made nozzle head located inside the turbine

Throwing distance (up to) 25-35* / 50-65 m
Nominal power – turbine 3* / 11 kW
Generator 60 kVA
Sound pressure level LA 60* / 63 bei 20m db(A)
Sound pressure level LA Generator 63 bei 20m db(A)
Operating temperature -5° bis +45°
Turbine tilt -18° bis +40°
Water flow 16 – 100 l/min
Swing (automatic) ° 350°
Water supply pressure (min.) (min.) 3 bar
Size Water tank 10.000 l
* at reduced speed