Dust Suppression Audit

Our Dust Suppression Audit & Strategy Consultation assesses the dust problem being experienced at your site, and makes recommendations to suppress it. This service includes:

a. Full Dust Audit (1 day site visit)
We will travel to your site and spend the day reviewing the source and type of dust being produced. The characteristics of the dust in each location have a significant bearing on the choice of solution that can deliver optimal results.

b. Comprehensive Dust Suppression Report
We will prepare a comprehensive report that will detail the following:

Situation description This will describe the findings from our site visit, and includes a check-list on key factors.


Design & solution This will describe the specific products that we recommend to suppress dust in your environment.

It will explain the solution design we suggest and indicate how it will assist in overcoming the dust problem being experienced on-site.


Schematic diagrams These will indicate the proposed layout of the dust suppression solution. In the case of nozzles, it will show where they will be positioned and the spray pattern that will be generated.


Implementation This will indicate the anticipated timeline for the delivery of our recommended products on site to you, and set out implementation requirements for these products.


Budget We will provide a complete breakdown of the costs of the products and service recommended in the solution.




As a natural next step, Tecpro Australia offers an implementation service that puts into place the recommendations made in the Dust Suppression Report. This service includes:

Dust supp audit Dust Suppression Audit


Supply Our Dust Suppression Report will recommend the type of dust suppression products that will be most suitable for your site.

We carry extensive stocks in our Sydney warehouse and have ready access to stock from all of our preferred suppliers. We also design and manufacture custom-made products if needed.

Delivery of your products will be in accordance with the implementation plan outlined in your Dust Suppression Report.

Install The design solution detailed in the Dust Suppression Report indicates the layout for the installation of each component.

We will provide support to your on-site fitters or mechanics who will be responsible for installing the dust suppression solution recommended for your site.

Review Once the dust suppression solution has been installed, we will ensure it is functioning as planned and make any adjustments required.

Technical support continues to be available to you by phone.


Monitor We provide an optional service of pre and post installation dust monitoring. This enables you to accurately assess the change in dust conditions arising from the installation of your dust suppression solution.


Support The Tecpro team will always be available to offer technical support and answer any questions that may arise post installation.

We provide regular product servicing, and dust monitoring as part of our service.