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Disinfection Misting Solutions with Tecpro Australia

Tecpro Australia offers a complete range of disinfection solutions to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

  • Founded in 1982, Tecpro Australia has developed an enviable reputation for providing reliable and cost-effective technical solutions for a vast range of industrial applications. 

  • Local sales support and customer service.

Examples of companies using foaming and misting disinfection solutions include:
  • Hospitals (waiting areas, treatment rooms)
  • Airports
  • Airlines
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Public transport
  • Theatres
  • Farms
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Warehouses
  • Food & packaging 

Portable and Industrial Solutions for all Applications

Sani-move Disinfection Fogger

SANI-MOVE is the new PNR Italia system designed for the practical and simple sanitisation of offices, shops, and small/medium-sized premises.

 Backpack Disinfection Fogger

Reaches bacteria lurking in corners or floating in the air. Dry Fog doesn’t wet people or objects, and doesn’t require a drying process.


AKIMist Dry Fog Humidifier

Energy-saving humidifiers with pneumatic spray nozzles producing Dry Fog. With world-leading technology, it does not wet the objects it touches. 

Portable Dry Fog Humidifier

Ideal for humidifying in a small area. Suitable for dry fog sanitation and disinfection. Just connect to an air compressor to operate, no installation required. 

Personnel Disinfection Gate

Fast and continuous disinfection of people in entrances and exits to hospital premises, nursing homes, supermarkets, airports, shops, industrial companies and any other place with a great flow of people.


Disinfection Tunnel

An open-air shower that allows people to disinfect themselves from head to toe.  The disinfectant is sprayed through nozzles to form a fine water mist which is deposited on all surfaces such as clothing, shoes, hands, bags, etc.

V12So Odour Controller

Developed specifically to combat foul smells. Measured amounts of biological substances are added to prevent the release of unpleasant smells. With a projection range of 50 m, it can also inhibit nuisance smells in large-scale complexes.

IDA Vehicle Disinfection

A modular system for the disinfection and washing of vehicles and chassis to prevent the spread of disease and virus in animal breeding farms. Ideal solution for farms that need to comply with various and rigorous health and hygiene standards. 

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