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What is spray drying?

Spray drying is a method of producing powdered products by spraying a liquid or slurry at very high pressures into a heated air stream,  usually 160°C – 205°C (if the liquid is flammable or oxygen-sensitive then nitrogen is used).

Special nozzles used for the process atomise the liquid into extremely fine droplets which when sprayed into the heated chamber causes the liquid to flash off and evaporate leaving a small solid particle. These are collected from the chamber into a drum or cyclone which is kept ‘fluid’ through continual shaking, resulting in very fine free-flowing powder as the product.

Spray drying is used to produce a number of products in various industries including Dairy, Pharmaceutical and Food and Beverage.

Products manufactured through spray dry include


Powdered milk
Infant formula
Coffee & Tea
Powdered eggs
Cereal products
Flavourings & Colourings
Starch & its derivatives
Vitamins & Enzymes
Antibiotics & Additives
Pharmaceutical ingredients
Paint pigments
Ceramic materials
Catalyst supports




Superior Atomising Nozzle

Tecpro are the exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand for Dutch based RACA International Spray Drying Nozzles.  RACA International have 25 years of Spray Dryer experience and use only the highest grade of tungsten carbide in their nozzles which are made in the Netherlands.

Our range of Spray Drying Atomising Nozzles is guaranteed to provide significant savings through competitive pricing, without compromising quality.Powder Spray Drying

The benefits of these Superior Atomising Nozzles include:

  • Fire safe housing
  • Flexible housing design
  • Fits any dryer
  • Easy to switch (Compatible with original brands)
  • Low chance of leaking or clogging
  • High pressure, up to 700 bar
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Designed to USDA sanitary guidelines
  • Long life anti-seize Aisi 316 stainless steel


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