V12So Odour Controller


V12 Odour is the name of a turbine unit developed specifically to combat foul smells. The nozzles generate a fine mist which is distributed over large areas by the turbine. Measured amounts of biological substances are added to prevent the release of unpleasant smells. With a projection range of 50 m, it can also inhibit nuisance smells in large-scale complexes. The pivot function integrated in the turbine is another key advantage.

The V12 Odour boasts low water consumption combined with a high level of efficiency. It is operated by remote control or keypad.

The V12 Odour can be used in any places subject to the build-up of unpleasant smells like biogas often found around recycling plants or composting sites.

Available for purchase or hire!

V12 Odour V12So Odour Controller


Length excl. steering assembly (on undercarriage) 1860 mm
Length incl. steering assembly (on undercarriage) 2360 mm
Width excl. wheels (on undercarriage) 1430 mm
Width incl. wheels (on undercarriage) 1820 mm
Height excl. wheels (on undercarriage) 2080 mm
Height incl. wheels (on undercarriage) 2250 mm
Length (on fixed underframe) 1000 mm
Width (on fixed underframe) 1320 mm
Height (on fixed underframe) 2100 mm
Weight on undercarriage 580 kg
Weight on underframe 420 kg
Weight of machine only 350 kg
Max. rotation angle 360 °
Turbine incline 0° – 52°