Odour Control

Whether four odour originates from waste treatment plants, landfills and composting, abattoirs or chicken farms, odour must be correctly managed by all businesses to ensure the comfort and well-being of their staff as well as surrounding businesses and residents. Odour can be controlled by bio-filtration, dosing with chemicals and odour neutralising spray systems.

When it comes to odour control and prevention, Tecpro Australia’s technical experts will assist you in designing and commissioning the best-for-project system to neutralise unpleasant odour. One such example is the customised misting system we commissioned for the waste treatment facility at Dubbo NSW, which resulted in approval for the facility to become operational.

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Odour Control Spray Systems

Tecpro Australia advises on best-practice methods, and supplies a number of different types of equipment for distributing chemical and organic odour control enzymes. These include air assisted atomising sprays, high pressure fogging systems and the odour cannon for large industrial and commercial environments. We work in conjunction with specialist odour consultants and chemical manufacturers to ensure we deliver the best and safest solution to combat any odour issue.

Natural Odour Neutralisation

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When composting plants and other organic materials start to decompose anaerobically, organic sulphides and gases including carbon dioxide, sulphide gases and methane gases are released. The unpleasant odours associated with these can be controlled with the integration of enzymes which help to break down the organic material. To get results with these products you must spray the entire area and effect is not immediate but with periodic spraying over a few weeks or months the smell will stop and the decomposition will be faster and odourless.

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Chemical Neutralisation

Once sprayed into the air, the chemical product wraps around the odorous gases, trapping them and turning them into non-odorous residue. The molecules of these neutralising agents instantly and permanently eliminate the odorous residue in treated air.

For specialist advice and assistance with controlling odour in your workplace using a safe and fail-proof method, contact the experts at Tecpro Australia.

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