Personnel Disinfection Gate

Sani gate disinfection system arrangement 1024x787 Personnel Disinfection Gate

The SANI-GATE Personnel Disinfection System allows the fast and continuous disinfection of people in entrances and exits to hospital premises, nursing homes, supermarkets, airports, shops, industrial companies and any other place with a great flow of people.

The SANI-GATE Disinfection System does not require any installation, it is self-supporting and powered by normal 240 V electrical cable, is therefore quick to set up and can be easily operated.

During the disinfection of people passing through the gate, it is also possible to treat and sanitize the footwear by placing a mat of adequate length under the portal.

The automatic photocell activation of SANI-GATE Disinfection System limits the consumption of disinfectant to the strict minimum necessary, avoids any contact between control staff and users, and is able to manage large numbers of people passing through the portal.  Any company that operates the system can freely choose the sanitizing liquid to use, according to the specific needs of each particular case.

Sani gate disinfection portal 1024x509 Personnel Disinfection Gate