Stretcher Disinfection System

The Sani-Gate Stretcher is a system suitable for sanitizing during the transit of stretchers and people. It is designed to be easily transportable and quickly assembled.

It’s made up of a stainless steel tube portal with integrated spraying system. A pumping system with 8lt storage tank is placed inside the control cabinet. The sanitizing liquid is sucked directly from the sanitizing liquid containment tank (not included) located near the control cabinet. The system is activated when the equipment or person passes through a photocell placed inside the control cabinet. The spray time (from 2 sec up to 30 sec) can be adjusted by an analog timer placed inside the control cabinet. A platform with carpet allows the sanitization of wheels and the containment of sanitizing fluid. The platform is connected to a drainage tube for emptying, the tube will be inserted into a manhole or in alternative there is a manual pump for emptying the platform. The system must be connected to the mains for its operation.
It is possible to apply as an accessory a UPS group that allows the operation of the portal independently without the use of external power supplies.

CHARACTERISTICSStretcher Bed Sanitising System Dimensions 194x300 Stretcher Disinfection System
Gate weight : 22 kg Gate Material: AISI 304
Containment Platform weight: 40 kg Platform Material: AISI 304
Power supply : 220 V 50Hz / 60Hz
Drive sensor: infrared
Electric panel with adjustable timer
Accumulator: 8 lt Mat. Carbon steel, butyl membrane
N° 7 spray assemblies

Spraying pressure: 3 bar
Total liquid flow rate: 0.77 litres/min (0.0128 litres/sec)
Spray time: adjustable from 2 sec to 30 sec

SANITIZING LIQUID: at the user’s choice