Cobra Head Nozzles

Cobra Head Nozzles are manufactured from tough, corrosion and abrasion resistant polyurethane. While the nozzles were developed specifically for screen washing applications and for spreading material evenly over screens they have also been used successfully for foam suppression, conveyor belt washing, and dust control at chutes and hoppers.

Manufactured in 5 different colours with each colour denoting a different orifice size 3mm (grey), 5mm (green), 7mm (blue), 9mm (yellow), and 11mm (red).

A steady, fan shaped water curtain, with pressures from 0.5 to 3.5 bar gives effective washing. In practise it has been found that nearly always, better washing can be achieved with lower water pressures.
The following can be taken as a guide: –

  • Small size material:- low water pressure, large water quantity – use 9mm or 11mm orifice
  • Large material size: – high water pressure, medium water quantity – use 5mm or 7 mm orifice.

All nozzles have 3/4” BSPT male thread.