Tunnel Firefighting Nozzle


To meet the urgent requirements for improving fire safety in highway, road and railway tunnels, PNR Italy created a special nozzle that fully satisfies the needs of design engineers.

The RRZ Tunnel Firefighting Nozzle can deliver a high capacity jet (130 lpm) and a remarkable spray coverage (an area with a diameter of 12 meters at its normal installation level), able to deliver fine or very fine droplets even if it is fed at a pressure of 5 bar. Models with different flow rate and spray coverage, depending on projects requirements.

The multi-orifice head is able to achieve an instant 180° spray angle that quickly converts into a full-size, with a quality of atomized spray increasing when pressure increases. At low pressures (from 1 to 2 bar), a wider wetting radius is achieved, up to 6 m., while maintaining a rather coarse drop diameter. At higher pressures (around 5 bar), atomization is favored by a considerable reduction in drop diameter, which creates a very fine rain effect on the ground.

RRZ Tunnel Firefighting Nozzle Water consumption Tunnel Firefighting Nozzle

RRZ Nozzle flow vs pressure

RRZ Tunnel Firefighting Nozzle Spray Width Tunnel Firefighting Nozzle

RRZ Nozzle Spray Width