Tanko RPB Spray Ball

Spate cleaner TANKO-RPB35 360°

That’s how to reduce spray shadows!
One connection nozzle and two spate sources that are installed within one downpipe in different heights reduce the spray shadows at a minimum.  The TANKO-RPB35 is available as PEEK-slide bearing and stainless steel ball bearing (1.4401) version with a spray angle of 360°. The base plate and the spray ball are made of the indicated material such as 316L (1.4435) for instance. Supplementing the standard 360° spray angle model, a RPB version with downpipe rinsing for nozzle and downpipe cleaning is also available.

Technical Data

1.4404 (316L), 1.4435 (316L), 1.4571 (316Ti), 2.4610 (HC4), 2.4602 (HC22)
ball bearing: 1.4401 (316), sliding bearing: PEEK

Operating pressure

max. 3 bar / 43,5 psi *

Flow rate at recommended pressure: 1.2 – 2.5 m3 / h / 20 – 41.7 l / min / 5.3 – 11 gpm (US) *
Connection Thread
Orbital weldon acc. DIN 11866

*depending on model and cleansing medium