Tanko CP Spray Ball

Jet Cleaner TANKO-CP2

Tanko CP 3 tank cleaner 150x150 Tanko CP Spray Ball






The TANKO-CP2 is the newest member of the AWH TANKO-family. In terms of cleaning performance, the TANKO-CP2 comes between the spray balls of the TANKO-S series and the jet cleaners of the TANKO-JM series and offers a cost-effective way of effectively cleaning containers with a diameter of up to 4 m. With it slow and even rotation and strong impact, the TANKO-CP2 is suitable for cleaning containers which are used to hold contents that have a tendency to adhere strongly. The TANKO-CP2 is a system with plain bearings and a simple design with as few moving parts as possible. With its low servicing requirements, the TANKO-CP2 provides a compact and reliable solution for cleaning tasks with different cleaning media and a large temperature range.

Technical Data

1.4401 (316), 1.4404 (316L), PTFE (FDA-conform)

Operating pressure 3 – 12 bar / 44 – 174 psi
Volume flow rate

2.5 – 6.5 m3/h / 41.7 – 108.3 l/min / 11 – 28.6 gpm (US)

Cleaning radius max. 2 m / 6.6 ft
Wetting radius max. 2.9 m / 9.5 ft

3/4″ BSP- or NPT-internal thread
Clipon for outer pipe diameter 25.4 mm