Tablet Coating Nozzles

The CSI Spray Nozzle Mk III has been designed and developed from the popular Mk I and Mk II nozzles, incorporating performance features associated with those nozzles.

This now represents cutting edge technology, striving to provide outstanding and consistent results. In delivering effective and highly controlled film coating onto solid dosage products, the latest spray nozzle incorporates many clever design features.

A series of spray manifolds have also been developed, with enhanced aerodynamic properties, to minimise air turbulence of the co-current airflow within the drum, thus reducing the risk of unwanted spray drying, with the associated inefficiencies.

These factors coupled with utilising the very latest anti-bearding technology, eliminates the time lost by stopping the process to clean the air caps.

Spray Nozzle Type CSI Mk III
Spray Type Airborne Air Atomised
Spray Nozzle Liquid Tip Size Standard (Optional) mm 1.2 (0.8 / 1.8)
Solution Flow rate (Typical per nozzle) ml/min 50 – 150
Solution Viscosity (Typical per nozzle) MPa 5 – 350
Solution Pressure Trip Setting (optional) bar 2.5
Atomising Air Pressure Range bar 1.0 – 4.0
Spray Width Pressure Range bar 0.0 – 4.0
Maximum Compressed Air Pressure bar 5.5
Compressed Air Consumption (maximum @ 4.0 bar) Litres/min 120