Spray Testing Facility

The Phase Doppler Particle Analyzer (PDPA) is a measurement system that provides reliable information about flow velocity and particle size for an accurate hydraulic characterization of the spray nozzle. The optical transmitter and receiver units are assembled on a traversing system, allowing its translation on X, Y and Z axis. With this system, it is possible to understand the total spray pattern and flow distribution.

The PDPA system allows the characterization of every spherical particle going through the probe and provides the most accurate statistics, from all measurement situations. The sampling point of the probe is made of two intersecting laser beams that create a high-resolution measurement at their crossing point. A special software then elaborates the acquired data.

These data can be exported both in a tabular and graphic form.

Example of tabular form:

Droplet size tabular example Spray Testing Facility


Example of graphic form:

Droplet size graph example Spray Testing Facility