Copley Nozzles

Copley Bitumen Nozzles have been primarily designed to spray liquid tar, bitumen emulsion, or water on to the road or footpath.
The nozzles are manufactured with various orifice sizes to give different rates of discharge.


There are 2 distinct types of nozzles:-

1. Intermediate Nozzles – used along the spray bar.
Sizes available are:- S1, S2, A3, A4, B6, B8

2. End Nozzles – only used on the two outer ends of the spray bar. The discharge rates of end nozzles are approximately double that of the corresponding intermediate nozzle.Sizes available are:- ES1, ES2, EA3, EA4, EB6The maximum uniformity of distribution of the liquid can only be achieved when the nozzles are assembled on the spray bar at:-

  1. Correct spacing
  2. Correct alignment of fan
  3. Correct height above pavement
  4. Correct volume of liquid per minute per nozzle.
  5. All nozzles are manufactured from 7/8” square brass and have a 1/2” BSPT thread.