Misting system eliminates odours at waste treatment facility

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Odour Control 300x225 Misting system eliminates odours at waste treatment facilityWaste recycling and waste recovering odour can sometimes be a real problem, however, it is one that can be solved, as was recently proven at a new trap waste facility at Dubbo NSW.


The waste facility treats greasy liquid waste from local businesses. There was a very unpleasant odour within the building, which increased whenever new waste was received for processing. Eliminating any odour was an operating condition for the facility, so in order for the facility to remain open, the odour had to be neutralised.


A series of fogging nozzles were fitted to high pressure plastic tubing. The nozzles discharged an ultra fine mist which incorporated a neutralising agent, thereby eliminating the bad odour. The system also included a high pressure pump, along with a timer that allows for the operating cycles to be adjusted. For example, the misting system can be run for 20 seconds on and off, or this could be increased or reduced, depending how busy the facility is. Because the water droplets are so fine, they evaporate quickly and prevent any wetting occurring.


The odour problem was eliminated and the facility was able to continue operating. When an unpleasant odour arises, it is removed completely within a few minutes. In summer months, the added benefit is that the system has an evaporative cooling effect, reducing the temperature, thereby making it more pleasant for anyone who works within the facility.


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Posted on 15-Sep-2015