HVAC pre-cooling

HVAC pre-cooling using high pressure fogging systems

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Increased Energy consumption drives the Need for HVAC Pre-Cooling

Industrial and commercial sectors’ demand for reduced energy consumption is constantly rising, especially during hot weather.  In such conditions, HAVC units must put a lot more effort into circulating sufficient cool air to where it is needed. This of course leads to a lot of implications which include:

  • Increased energy cost.
  • Inefficient operations; costing businesses thousands of dollars
  • Shorter lifespan of the HAVC units.
  • Increased maintenance costs.
  • Elevated levels of environmental pollution.


The logic behind this amazing technology

Pre-cooling using high pressure fogging systems enhances the heat transfer rate in condensers by using water mist to pre-cool air temperature around condenser coils.

The pre-cooling process starts with evaporating the fog, which causes the air to cool by up to 15°C before being drawn into the system. This makes the process more efficient because the air temperature has already been reduced.

Applications and Benefits

  • Reduces refrigeration and air cooling energy consumption up to 30%.
  • Increases Cooling Capacity.
  • Reduces inlet air temperature greatly, up to 15⁰C.
  • Extends the lifespan of HVAC units by more efficient operation.
  • Saves up on maintenance costs by not over-working the system.
  • Reduces system downtime due to over-worked equipment.
  • Environmentally friendly due to reduction in greenhouse gases and minimal water usage.

Why use our Pre-Cooling Solutions?                                     

The HVAC pre-cooling systems provided by Tecpro Australia are of advanced technology that guarantees improved efficiency, energy savings and long-lasting solutions.