Tanko MX125 Tank Washer

TANKO-MX125 – The new powerful and efficient internally geared media driven jet cleaner

  • Controlled, consistent rotation combined with high impact jets make the Tanko-MX125 the ideal choice for small to medium diameter vessels with moderate to heavy soiling
  • Hygienically designed and ball bearing free the MX125 is suitable for a wide range of applications across a variety of process industries
  • The multi-axis 4 jet design generates a repeatable, verifiable and highly efficient 360o cleaning pattern
Technical Data
Material 1.4401 (316), 1.4404 (316L), C-PTFE, PEEK + PTFE (FDA-conform)
Pressure 3 – 8 bar / 44 – 116 psi
Volume flow rate

5,2 – 9,3 m³/h / 23 – 41 gpm (US) *

Working temperature cleansing medium: max. 95°C / 203°F
Cleaning radius max. 4 m / 13,12 ft
Wetting radius max. 5 m / 16,4 ft

1″ BSP- or NPT-internal thread

Insertation opening min. Ø 125 mm / 5 in

 *depending on model and cleansing medium

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