RA – Fine Spray


RA nozzles are tangential hollow cone nozzles that produce a finely atomized spray in line with the inlet supply pipe. In their body there is a carefully machined swirl vane with two spiral grooves which produce a wide range of capacities, starting from very low values. The strong centrifugal force inside the vortex chamber creates a high speed rotation of the liquid flow producing an atomized mist. For small capacity RA nozzles we suggest to place a suitable filter before their inlet orifice to avoid clogging.

Thread: 1/8″ – 1/2″
Spray angle: 60- 90°
Capacity: 0.2- 19.6 L/min
Materials: AISI 316L, Brass

Typical applications –
Cooling: gas, products, pipes cooling
Washing: exhaust scrubbers, parts washing
Other applications: dust control, humidification and air refreshing systems

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