Lightweight Hose Nozzle

Lightweight spray head, blue – HN01-B-T1


The lightweight spray head is a strong, easy to handle tool for cleaning and rinsing at high maximum flow. It will be positioned next to our full metal heavy duty spray heads and is meant for users for whom a lighter weight and/or lower cost is more important than the strength of the product.


Technical specifications:
•Only 260 gram in weight
•Length 239mm
•Comfortable ergonomically shaped grip
•Grip and head made from polypropylene in blue colour
•Nozzle made from brass
•Maximum pressure 16 bar
•Maximum temperature 50 °C
•Adjustable spray pattern from wide (soft) to narrow (strong)
•The spray head can be closed completely by turning the head
•Connection ¾” BSP male

Lightweight nozzle chart Lightweight Hose Nozzle








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