GEA – Disc Nozzles


In GE series disc nozzles with thickness 1.2 mm the spray jet is close to the turbulence structure and this special design makes them very easy to clean. Within the delivery pipe these nozzles are assembled to a steel brush, that can be manually or automatically rotated, which takes off all the dirt washed out by water and then flushed out through a release valve positioned at the end of the pipe. Disc nozzles, with their special low profile design, can be easily removed for cleaning so they reduce maintenance times and costs and improve the plant efficiency.

Spray Angle: 0°
Capacity: 0.17-3.1 L/min (3 bar)
Materials: AISI 303, AISI 316TI,
Ruby inserts available.

Typical applications – washing or spraying in pulp and paper mills, mesh fabrics cleaning, water treatment systems, screen and filter (felt and wire) washing and many more.