Linea Pro Misting Kit

Discreet and flexible

The ideal way to bring refreshing coolness to your outdoor spaces, be it a cazebo, hospitality tent or veranda, because the perfect linea eco kit is the most discreet and flexible solution. The mist droplets are distributed through a system of polyamide pipes and quick connectors that are versatile, easy to adapt and expandable according to your needs.

Easy to install

Perfect linea pro is easy to install, designed to be assembled by those who aren’t familiar with misting systems. The perfect linea pro kit also has the flexibility to add a vast range of accessories including control units for automatic temperature or humidity control and dosing pumps for scents or chemicals

4 kits available

  • PC.KL15 – 15 nozzle, 11m fogging line kit
  • PC.KL25 – 25 nozzle, 19m fogging line kit
  • PC.KL50 – 50 nozzle, 38m fogging line kit
  • PC.KL75 – 75 nozzle, 56m fogging line kit

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