Steam Water Mixing Valve

Dynafluid 2000 Steam Water Mixing Valve

The state of the art steam and water mixing valve – safe, versatile, practical, and low maintenance. Delivers reliable, economic hot water from your existing steam and cold water sources.

  • Cheap supply of hot water instantaneously.
  • Accurate temperature control.
  • Extremely safe in operation – design ensures that live steam cannot exit the safety valve – automatic shut-off on cold water failure.
  • Available in four sizes – ½”,3/4″,1″, and 1½”,  with flow rates from  to 4 l/min to 350 l/min.  Can be sized to suit a variety of supply pressures and flow rates.
  • Simple installation and maintenance.

DYNAFLUID 2000 SWMV2 300x200 Steam Water Mixing Valve