Disinfection Tunnel


The disinfection tunnel is a kind of open-air shower that allows people to disinfect themselves from head to toe. The disinfectant is sprayed through nozzles to form a fine water mist which is Disinfection Tunnel 1 213x300 Disinfection Tunneldeposited on all surfaces such as clothing, shoes, hands, bags, etc.
The disinfectant used is automatically added to the water by the dosing pump and kills viruses, bacteria and fungi quickly and easily, and is absolutely harmless to people and the environment.

The standard dimensions of the tunnel are 2.5 m (H) x 1.5 m (W) x 4 m (L). However, the dimensions can also be adapted to the customer. The tunnel consists of the following components:
• External pump box in aluminium, with:
o Switch cabinet with light barrier and time relay
o High pressure pump (70 bar), water flow rate 2 l/min
o Automatic dosing pump
o Holder for 5 L canister (for disinfectant)
o Water filter
• Stainless steel support
• Waterproof and robust tarpaulin (truck tarpaulin)
• Stainless steel nozzle line
• Assembly time approx. 15 minutes
The pump box is protected against acts of vandalism thanks to its robust construction.
Important: The tunnel must always be fed with drinking water and at the same time with disinfectant.
TYPICAL FIELDS OF APPLICATION: public places, hospitals, workplaces, in front of entrances, events, hotels, fairs, spas, etc.

Disinfection Tunnel 2 300x134 Disinfection Tunnel