CAY – Cluster Nozzle


CAY cluster full cone nozzles produce very fine droplets using hydraulic pressure only. They provide large spray capacities, mist effect and a 130° spray angle with wider coverage. CAY nozzles have 7 orifices that, at the same operating pressure and using the same quantity of liquid, produce a finer spray than standard full cone nozzles with one orifice only. They are the best choice when large spray capacities and mist effect are required.

Connection: 1/2″ – 2″ BSP
Spray angles: 130°
Capacity: 1.53 – 490 L/min
Material: AISI 303, AISI 316, Brass

Typical applications –
Cooling: cooling of high-temperature gas
Washing: tank cleaning, parts cleaning
Fire control: water mist fire suppression systems
Other applications: exhaust gas treatment, dust control, wetting

Data sheet: Cluster full cone nozzle CAY type

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