New ZPN Mini Spray Nozzle Clamps

Innovative pipe clamps make spray bar installation super easy!ZPN Mini Clamps Web 300x205 New ZPN Mini Spray Nozzle Clamps

Traditionally spray bars required pre-fabrication (such as welding) prior to installation. Once installed, adjusting the spray or adding additional nozzles was difficult. But an innovative new product has simplified the whole process.

Designed and made in Italy, the ZPN Mini Pipe Clamps enable any spray pipe to be assembled on-site without the need for special tools or welding equipment. Simply drill the spray holes where required, attach the ZPN Mini Pipe Clamps and screw in the spray nozzles. That’s it!

The single spring ZPN Mini Pipe Clamps are quick and easy to connect to pipes from ½ – 1 inch in diameter. Made from plastic, the clamps are colour coded to indicate size – making it even easier to identify which one is required.

Exclusively available from Tecpro Australia, the ZPN Mini Pipe Clamps could be a practical solution for your next install.

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Posted on 19-Jun-2019