Meet the King of Washdown Guns

There are a lot of washdown guns on the market so it can be difficult to select the one that’s best for your application. However, the new Blue King washdown gun from Europe, has got to be one of the most universally appealing.Blue King Washdown Gun 187x300 Meet the King of Washdown Guns

First and foremost, it uses 16% less water than a regular cleaning gun. That can represent significant water savings for some industries – especially food and beverage manufacturing, dairy processing and industrial kitchens.

The Blue King is also tough. Able to withstand temperatures up to 90°C and water pressures up to 30 bar. It has FDA approved EPDM seals and rubber protection. It comes in two styles – with or without a trigger guard.

The trigger guard itself is made from strong stainless steel covered with rubber insulation. For user comfort, the lever and handle are ergonomically designed and also covered in velvety soft rubber, while the body of the Blue King is made from Brass.

For safety, there is an arrow to show the direction of water flow. This can be an important safety measure when using hot water. Inside the spray gun, there are double seals for added security and durability.

The design of the spray outlet has been carefully considered. It provides even water distribution and is drip free – even at the widest spray pattern. Plus adjusting the spray is easy and doesn’t require tools.

The Blue King washdown gun is designed and manufactured in Europe and is exclusively available from Tecpro Australia.

The team at Tecpro have the knowledge and range to help you find the best washdown gun for your requirements. For technical solutions you can rely on, contact Tecpro today.

Posted on 16-Jun-2020