Flanged Eductors – Customised Solution for Potable Water Reservoir

Tank Mixing Eductors are a game changer when it comes to mixing liquids in suspension because they eliminate the need for mechanical devices. But it can beFlanged Tank Mixing Eductors Web 284x300 Flanged Eductors   Customised Solution for Potable Water Reservoir challenging to find an eductor that’s suitable for large tanks. That’s where a bespoke designed and manufactured eductor solution may be required. But where do you start?

Customised solutions

The developer of a new residential area in the ACT required custom designed and manufactured eductors to suit the requirements of their 900,000 litre potable water reservoir. As part of the design process, the eductors were required to accommodate precise specifications such as:

  • Water velocity
  • A flange to suit the pipework
  • Capacity to mix liquids in such a large tank

Tecpro Australia provided the solution – giant cast 316 stainless steel tank mixing eductors.

The custom manufactured eductors are mounted to the bottom of the potable water tank. Liquid is cycle pumped into the tank through the inlet of each eductor. “Veins” located part-way down the eductor, draw the surrounding liquid, mixing it and distributing it to the tank through the outlet of the eductor to ensure constant circulation.

As there are no moving parts, these tank mixing eductors are maintenance free while the pumps used to fill the reservoir are located outside the tank. Feedback from the client is positive with “everything performing well, looking good and final commissioning underway”.

The Tecpro Consultants are available to advise you on the optimal size, location, orientation and number of eductors required for your application. Since 1982, Tecpro Australia has been providing cost effective and reliable technical solutions for a wide variety of industries. Their solutions are derived from both their vast range of off-the-shelf products as well as customised designs.

For advice on the suitability and use of eductors for your application, contact the team at Tecpro Australia today!

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Posted on 15-Apr-2021