Filter Nozzles – Decoding the differences

‘You get what you pay for’, the old adage goes.

And when it comes to your investment in filter nozzles, saving money with a cheap product now could well cost you a fortune later.

Decoding the differences in filter nozzles 300x240 Filter Nozzles – Decoding the differencesWith cheaply made, poorly designed filter nozzles entering the market, the differences between products may not initially be obvious, but they will be down the track. And the financial ramifications of investing in an inefficient filter nozzle or using an unreliable supplier are likely to add up to much more than any potential saving.

It’s crucial to know what sets a quality filter nozzle apart from a cheap imitation. Here are a few things to consider when investing in filter nozzles:

1.    Are the slot sizes consistent?
2.   Is the filter nozzle strong and robust enough to withstand the forces imposed on it?
3.   Do you need your filter nozzles to perform at their peak for many years?
4.   Is your supplier focused purely on sales or can they also offer advice?
5.   Is the raw material used high quality – especially for drinking water applications?

So often the difference between quality and cheap filter nozzles is in the commitment of the supplier and manufacturer to provide a top quality product which will be the best for a particular application.

Slot size consistency

Consistency and accuracy of slot size is an important feature and indicator of a quality filter nozzle.

The slots serve 4 main purposes:

1.    Preventing fine filter media from passing through the nozzle and entering the plenum floor
2.   Enabling the filtered water to easily pass through the nozzle
3.   Providing a uniform distribution of backwash water and air
4.   Providing consistent calculated backpressure across the filter for backwashing

Inconsistent slot sizes are the result of imprecise manufacturing processes, and often a feature of cheap imports.  Manufacturing a high-quality nozzle requires cutting edge technology, extensive testing and a commitment to continuous improvement – attributes rarely seen in manufacturers of cheap nozzles.

Quality and durability

Construction or refurbishment of facilities requiring major filter systems, such as commercial pools or water treatment plants, are major and costly undertakings. Having to replace filter nozzles within the first few years or even months can be a costly and avoidable exercise.

Quality sand filter nozzles last decades because they are made of high quality, durable raw materials, backed by material certification along with many years of experience and engineering design to give you peace of mind they will last the distance. Quality nozzles will also help ensure that the filter will provide trouble free operation.

Manufacturing cheap nozzles comes at the expense of dimensional accuracy and consistency, and the quality of the material they are made from. In some cases, cheap products have failed within months of installation, requiring removal of all of the filter media and replacement of the nozzles, causing major disruption.

You should also ensure your supplier stands by their manufacturing quality by offering material certificates for their products – especially for drinking water applications, and after sales support.

Consulting and advice

Do you have a sand filter nozzle requirement that can’t be met by any product on the market? A good supplier isn’t just focused on sales, they can offer specialist design advice.

When it comes to designing a filtration system, you may need some added expertise. A good supplier can offer specialist knowledge to help you design a system to suit your needs. They can also potentially save you money by devising alternative solutions you may not have considered.

In some cases you may have filter nozzles that require replacing but are no longer available to purchase. A good supplier can arrange to have your filter nozzles replicated when replacements are needed. In addition, they will also be able to flow test your existing nozzles to see if they offer exactly what you need, and see if they can be improved on to create a solution that saves you money and provides a more efficient system.

While filter nozzles may only be a small part of a major construction or refurbishment budget, investing in something of low quality can see a major cost in remedial or replacement works later. By researching your products and receiving good advice, your small investment may even buy you more than you paid for.

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Posted on 31-Aug-2017