Farewell hose tangles. Hello neat and even hose reels.

When work is hectic, the last thing you need is a hose that bunches up or tangles as it’s retracted. But who wants to stand there, manually guiding the hose onto the reel?Level Wind Hose Guide web 300x195 Farewell hose tangles. Hello neat and even hose reels.

The new Level Wind Hose Guide automatically guides the hose, moving left to right so the hose lays flat across the entire hose reel. No more bunching up or overfilling on one side!

Powered by the rotation of the reel during retraction, the Level Wind Hose Guide evenly distributes the hose across the reel. It comes as a kit that can be retro-fitted to any Ramex Spring Retracting Hose Reel.

Standard Kits can accommodate ½” and ¾” hoses but Hose Guide Kits for different sized hoses are available on request.

Manufactured in Stainless Steel, the Level Wind Hose Guides are exclusively available from Tecpro Australia for use in the mining, food and beverage, plumbing and general manufacturing industries. With their heavy-duty design and corrosion resistant fabrication, they are suitable in any application where retractable hose reels are already in use.

Tecpro is Australia’s leading provider of cleaning heads, nozzles and hose reels for all applications. Their large range is backed by a team of experts to provide you with the information you need to make the best choice for your application.

For more information on the Level Wind Hose Guide or to speak to one of our team, contact us today!

Posted on 05-Jul-2019