Custom Designed Nozzle Helps Improves Output at Local Mini Mill

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The Mini Mill (OneSteel) were revamping their Billet Casting process to increase both production, dimensional consistency, and reduced scale on the billet. Effective cooling sprays were seen as a key factor in achieving this.


Improving water filtration, delivery and pressure was relatively straightforward.
However, no standard spray nozzles would provide the desired spray footprint and the necessary spray impact force.


WAZA 2 3 300x225 Custom Designed Nozzle Helps Improves Output at Local Mini MillTecpro Australia were contacted in an attempt to find the desired spray nozzle, but none was available. They designed, developed, tested, and manufactured special nozzles tailor-made for the job.

These customised nozzles have contributed to significant improvements in cooling efficiency, dimensional consistency, and productivity. They have also reduced downtime and nozzle changes.
Tecpro Australia has patented these unique nozzles.

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Posted on 06-May-2015