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Choose from a range of the most powerful and quietest dust controllers & dust suppression systems on the market.

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Our Range of Solutions

New V22 Web Dust Suppression Solutions


The V22 is the most powerful dust suppression machine in our product range. Due to its long projection range and integrated 360° pivot function, it is most suitable for dust control applications covering large areas.

V12S dust controller web Dust Suppression Solutions


The specially developed turbine is particularly quiet with a noise emission of 60 dB(A) within a radius of 20 meters. The turbine has two levels of speed, so it is flexible enough to spray fine water mist from 25 to over 65 meters.

H1 Swing Dust Suppression System Web Dust Suppression Solutions

H1 Swing

A modular design means it can be scaled up or down to suit any sized application. In addition, the system can be pre-assembled at the factory to reduce on-site installation time.

L3 Lance Dust Suppression Solutions

L3 Lance

The L3 lance is the first dust suppression lance on the market. It is a compact and user-friendly solution for close range applications. It works without a turbine or fan, allowing it to get near to the source of dust.

V7 fog cannon Dust Suppression Solutions


The patented nozzle head on the V7 is fitted in the axial direction in the turbine and achieves a much higher projection range than comparable nozzle configurations. It has a booster pump and can therefore also be used with the turbine switched off.

CURT Automated Dust Control Case Study 1 Web 300x200 Dust Suppression Solutions

CURT Dust Control & Monitoring Systems

CURT (Control Unit for Remote-controlled Turbines) is software which enables you to monitor and control all of your dust suppression and odour suppression machinery, site-wide from a central location.

Nautilus dust contol unit Dust Suppression Solutions

Nautilus - Autonomous Dust Controller

The Nautilus is mounted on a platform and designed so that any truck with a 6m loading ramp can load it. It is the ideal solution for all applications where lack of water and electricity does not allow the use of standard equipment. It can work autonomously for up to a maximum of eight hours.

Case Studies

90%+ reduction in respirable dust emissions

An underground coal mine in NSW had tried a number of different approaches to remedying their dust problems, however, it was not until Tecpro customised a solution that they found a solution.

V12S takes on Cava La Pedicara Quarry

One of the largest quarries in Southern Italy, dolomite is extracted here to manufacture glass. Workers are exposed to large amounts of dust, made worse by the Mediterranean dry climate and winds.

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