Water Corporation 30 year old filter refurbishment

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Water Treatment Facility Refurbishment Nozzles 300x203 Water Corporation 30 year old filter refurbishmentSituation:

Western Australia Water Corporation needed to refurbish a 30 year old water treatment facility. They were happy with the filters performance so an exact match to the old nozzles was preferred.


The original nozzles were no longer available and alternatives which were available would have resulted in difference performance from the filter.


After speaking with Tecpro, an exact match for the previous nozzles was designed and manufactured incorporating several small design improvements suggested by Tecpro engineers to improve strength and durability.


The water corporation were delighted that they could renovate their gravity filters with the new and improved nozzles and still expect the same great performance they had from their filters for 30 years.

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Posted on 16-Oct-2015