Denis, thanks very much for the professional and thoughtful service today when choosing the atomiser nozzle. The time you took and the help in showing me the various options and spray patterns was such a welcome surprise in a world where, for a small sale, people are no where near as generous with their time as you.


Mirvac logo Birkenhead Point Marina“The fuel hose reels are excellent, easy to use by all of our staff, neat and tidy, professional. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Phil McGowen, Birkenhead Point Marina Manager

Rio Tinto e1430789330657 RTA YarwunI appreciate all the extra work you and your team put in to get the nozzles ready sooner! As I mentioned, we were happy to wait, so I love your dedication.

I look forward to getting them and installing them – all the nozzles we’ve got from Tecpro so far have made a tremendous difference to the operation and reliability of our demin plant, and I expect these new ones will perform just as well. The demin plant used to be a refinery bottleneck often, however it hasn’t been since last year and a big part of that is due to your nozzles. So thank you very much for all your help.

Patrick Cullen, Process Chemist – Boilers

“We have been using our Hot water pressure system for around a month now, I can’t remember how we managed before we had it. It performs exceptionally well. Very quick to cover anything and everything in our detergent. It is particularly helpful on our Slicer where it enables us to wash all those hard to reach places with little effort. Such a great investment, makes all of our lives monumentally easy. Plus it also helps that Tecpro has been a pleasure to deal with”.

Dean Hughes, Operations Associate

“Hi Patrick, we have completed media and nozzle replacement of all 3 filter units. Performance in all 3 filter units is outstanding”.

Gamini, Project Engineer

James Hardie James Hardie

“Denis & Graeme – Gents, just a quick thank you for your efforts on Sunday.  Opening up your office and delivering the nozzles to us helped get production through the weekend. While these events are, hopefully very rare, it’s good to know that we have partners like Tecpro who are willing to assist.  Again, thank you very much!”

James Hardie,

Newcrest Mining Logo 300x114 e1430789003716 Newcrest Mining Ltd

“The two ultrasonic nozzles running at the moment are making a noticeable difference (to the dust issue)”.

Newcrest Mining Ltd,

Rio Tinto e1430789330657 Rio Tinto Iron Ore

“What I heard last was that the project was a success and everyone was satisfied with their (the nozzles) performance!”

Rio Tinto Iron Ore,

Sun State Cement e1398138693775 Sunstate Cement Ltd

“Just wanted you to know that the truck wash is up and running. Everyone is astounded at how well it works. The nozzles are fantastic! Again, thank you for all your help”.

Sunstate Cement Ltd,

butko2.jpg e1430789260494 JC Butko Engineering Pty Ltd

“Pleasure doing business with you, I can only hope that more will come your way!”

JC Butko Engineering Pty Ltd,

ferguson Ferguson Seacabs

“We only started using it yesterday and it got a hard baptism with a tank that had contained septic waste! The stainless surfaces were very soiled and the conventional lance would not touch it. So we put the auto cleaner in with the highest pressure nozzles inserted and within an hour we had sorted it. The guys here were impressed, especially when they can just fit it to the tank and walk away!”

Ferguson Seacabs,

“I thought I’d take this quick opportunity to extend my thanks to you and the Tecpro team for being extremely professional, prompt and helpful with our enquiry. As I’m sure you know, its busy times and everyone is running around trying to get things done and to schedule.”

Bechtel Australia,

“This year, we replaced our existing spray nozzles in the post aeration section and added nozzles to the weirs before and after aeration. The TECPRO Australia technical consultant assessed our current system and recommended a new type of urethane deflection fan nozzle. The new nozzles have made a major improvement to foam/scum control.”

Shellharbour Sewerage Treatment Plant,

“Just wanted to let you know the sprayers we got from you yesterday work awesome. We are using the 4.9 tips and getting excellent cleaning with much less water. Thanks for your help, and for saving us a heap of money.”


“Tecpro Australia is a great company to work with. I’ve been dealing with them for a number of years and will continue to do so in the future. Their expertise with spray nozzles and dust suppression applications has helped my company successfully install numerous dust suppression systems for my clients.”

Jeff Hill Plumbing, Director

“Thanks for the great service ! Your company seems to be the only one that can get air bags o/night to WA the rest take two days! Thank you for doing a great job my customer and I are very happy with the efforts.”

Grant Parke, Account Manager

“We are maintaining the floor washing and equipment washing stations in a large food factory. There are 67 ergonomic wash guns in use. We use these guns because they have proven to be very good, the best they have had.  The ergonomic gun comes in an all blue case and also in an all red coloured case, so we use the red ones as an extra indicator that hot water is used on that particular wash station.”

Rocco, Director

“Thanks for all your help. I shall stay in touch if we need some more/different parts. Your service has been fantastic compared to others I have tried to contact on this matter.”

Regina, Process Engineer

“By the way, we are very happy with the eductor, we have enjoyed many hours of operation with very few problems and the carbides are lasting really well in comparison to the one we replaced.”

Quality Stone,

FlowTech e1430785574742 Flowtech Australia

“Thanks again for getting the 6 nozzles delivered to us ahead of schedule – everyone was very impressed with the finished product. Outstanding quality.”

Flowtech Australia,