Replacing 60 year old nozzles on a navy vessel

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Bespoke Nozzle 1 300x225 Replacing 60 year old nozzles on a navy vessel



The Australian Navy was undertaking a refurbishment of one of its ships which was built in the 1950’s. Part of the refurbishment included replacing the systems fire spray nozzles and chemical defense spray nozzles.



The 60 year old nozzles were a custom design to suit a specific application and were no longer available. The Navy wished to keep the same performance from the spraying system and an alternative spray nozzle to give the same performance could not be found. They also had a limited time frame to have the refurbishment completed as the ship was due out of port on manoeuvres in a few weeks.


Bespoke Nozzle 2 300x225 Replacing 60 year old nozzles on a navy vessel



Tecpro removed some sample nozzles off the ship, determining that 3 different types would be required. They stripped back 50 years’ worth of paint, and disassembled the nozzles to produce technical drawings. Replacement nozzles were then machined to match the existing nozzles.



The nozzles were pushed to the front of the queue at the machine shop, assembled and delivered in time to be installed onto the vessel by the required deadline. The replacement spray nozzles matched exactly to the original nozzles so the spray performance matched the Australian Navy’s requirements.
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Posted on 16-Oct-2015