K – Wide Angle Tip


K flat fan nozzles work on the deflection principle conveying a water vein onto a machined deflection surface, and produce a jet with a wide angle flat spray pattern, medium impact value and medium size droplets. Between their inlet orifice and spray orientation there is a 75° angle. Their round outlet orifice and free inside passage minimize the risk of clogging. In addition, compared to standard flat fan nozzles working with a limited operating pressure, the K series models with large spray angles produce an excellent mist effect. These K nozzles are available with threaded connections, for capacities from 0390 and 3350, and also as tips to be assembled onto a nipple by means of a retaining nut. An alternative option are the KX types.

Spray angle: 90° – 140°
Capacity: 0.39 – 31 L/min
Material: AISI 303, AISI 316, Brass

Typical Applications –
Washing: fruits, vegetables, crushed stones, other
Spray: rolling oil, release agents, coolants
Cooling: metal parts, bottles
Other applications: foam dispersion, fire-fighting systems, water curtains

Data Sheet: Type K Wide Angled Flat Fan Nozzles

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