GY – Dove Tail Tip


GY flat fan nozzle tips are usually mounted onto a pipe by means of a welding nipple and secured in place with a retaining nut. Therefore, they can be easily replaced and their dovetail connection assures an always precise assembly as the nozzle can be assembled only when the flat fan is properly oriented. They are available in three types: 3/8″ standard capacity, 3/4″ large capacity and 1″ extra-large capacity. The tip models shown on this page deliver the most popular capacity values, while GY flat fan tips with bigger capacities and sizes can be manufactured on request and supplied with matching dovetail nipples and retaining nuts.

Spray angles: 0° to 120°
Capacity: 1.9 – 122 L/min
Material: AISI 303, AISI 316, Brass

Typical applications –
Washing: steel cleaning filter cloth cleaning parts cleaning
Cooling: steel cooling, product cooling

Data Sheet: Type GY Nozzles Dovetail Flat Fan Nozzles

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