• Hygienic Design – Reduced Contamination
  • Non Invasive External Sensor – No Electronics Inside
  • Standard Tri Clamp Fixing – Easy to Update/Install
  • Simple Signal Output – Links Straight Into Common Feedback Circuits. AS-i Compatible

Versatile & Unique

The Veri-Clean validation system uses a high sensitivity magnetic sensor to detect rotational forces of a special PTFE encapsulated target linked to the Typhoon tank washer. The sensor is mounted totally externally to the tank, isolating any cleaning fluid or solvent from any electronics. All moving parts are lubricated by the cleaning fluid and the complete sensor housing is made from 316L stainless steel. All bearing materials can be either Pure PTFE for FDA or Carbon Filled PTFE for ATEX applications.


The Veri-Clean system is ideally suited to applications where an automated signal indicating that the tank cleaning device is working correctly is required. The system is designed to work with the Typhoon tank washer in the brewing, beverage, food, chemical, biotech and pharmaceutical industries. The neat, compact design makes it easy to retrofit to existing typhoon units, or simple to install as new project.


Inside the sensor housing a PTFE encapsulated magnet rotates as the cleaning head rotates. This target is detected by the external sensor. A simple positive negative pulse feed is generated. This signal can be wired into a PLC type control system, a simple signal indicator or other system. The unit can also plug directly into an AS-i ring circuit and link back to an AS-i control console.

Maintenance & Inspection

The low wear design requires minimal maintenance. Any spare parts, technical assistance or repair facilities required can be obtained through the global Breconcherry distributor network. As with all mechanical devices, it is recommended that the unit be regularly inspected for correct operation.

Technical Data

Material: 316L, C-PTFE, EPDM
Ambient temp: Proximity sensor 0- 100°C, Veri-clean 140°C 30min
Compatible devices: Typhoon, Tempest, Tornado, Tonado 4 or Torrent
Feedback: Magnetic proximity sensor 10- 30 VDC
Connection: Inlet 1.5″ or 2″ outlet according to tank washer
Surface: Machine internal, Ra 0.8μm outside (0.4μm on request)
Mounting postition: Vertical

Minimum Manhole/Flange Size

The minimum Tri clamp connection size required for the unit is 2”.

Technical Data

Materials of Construction.: Stainless Steel 316/316L, PTFE, C-PTFE, PEEK, Hastelloy Max.

Operating Temperature 100° Centigrade Max.

Ambient Temperature: 140° Centigrade

Standard Connections: 2” Tri Clamp

Sensor Type: Magnetic Proximity IP68/69K

Power Supply: 24VDC@100mA