GW – Descaling Nozzle


GW series nozzles have been the European standard for many years in the field of hot descaling mills.

The introduction of the hard metal insert and the nozzle orientation assured by the dove-tail coupling between nozzle tip and nipple have allowed for increased efficiency in the descaling process and higher steel quality, while careful studies on the nozzle inner profile have assured improved results for jet impact and evenness of water jet distribution


For a long time the worldwide standard in hot descaling of steel strips, they have undergone sensible improvements specially on the inner orifice profile which produces a very even distribution of the water jet impact onto the steel surface.

Their typical design with a dove-tail coupling between nipple and nozzle tip assures for correct alignment of the nozzles onto the spray manifold.

Several nipples length values and a specific locknut allow a wide choice of different assembly dimensions.

Connection: Dovetail
Spray angle: 26°- 40°
Material: 303SS, 420SS, Tungsten Carbide