PN – Plastic Moulded


PN/PO series hollow cone nozzles made by plastic moulding, offer a high chemical resistance and low prices. They are tangential nozzles and produce a hollow cone spray of atomized droplets. As they have a large free passage and no swirling vane inside their body, they are highly clog-resistant. PN/PO nozzles are efficient, cost-effective and widely used in many processing lines. Moreover, they can be easily assembled in large quantity onto pipe manifolds.

Thread: 3/8″, 1/2″
Spray angle: 70- 130°
Capacity: 1.7- 42 L/min
Material: Glass Filled Polypropylene

Typical applications –
Washing: exhaust scrubbers, parts cleaning, pre-treatment in coating process, dust and foam control, filter spraying
Cooling: wire cooling, plastic pipe cooling
Other applications: humidification systems, etc.

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