PB – Large Capacity


PA/PB tangential nozzles generate a hollow cone spray pattern of finely atomized droplets and work on the tangential flow principle. They are designed with a tangential method of atomization. Inside these nozzles there is an axial groove that injects the liquid tangentially into the vortex chamber where the strong centrifugal force produces a high rotational velocity and generates a finely atomized liquid flow. As these nozzles have a large free passage inside and no swirl insert, they offer the maximum resistance to clogging. PA/PB nozzles are widely used in exhaust scrubbers and are suitable to spray flows with particles.

Thread: 3/8″- 2 1/2″
Spray angle: 70- 90°
Capacity: 1.7- 605 L/min
Material: AISI 316L, Brass, Cast Iron

Typical applications –
Washing: exhaust scrubbers, desulfuration, denitrification
Cooling: cooling of high temperature gas, product cooling

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