Odour Monitoring System


Odosense™ is the real-time odour emission tracking solution. Odosense™ continuously detects, measures and monitors the odourful gaseous contaminants. Oizom Odour Monitoring Solution comprises of a network of e-noses (Odosense™) positioned on the periphery of the site. The solution incoporates Odour Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for predicting odour impact on the surrounding area depending on meteorological conditions. With the help of meteorological data, Odosense™ can trace the odourant dispersion plume incited by conditions like wind speed and wind direction. Odosense™ is a fully solar-powered solution with wireless
data transmission. This makes it an ideal choice for landfill sites, wastewater treatment facilities, fertilizers, paper-pulp industries and soil-treatment sites, etc.

Screen Shot 2020 10 06 at 9.40.02 pm 1024x463 Odour Monitoring System
Screen Shot 2020 10 06 at 9.41.07 pm 1024x463 Odour Monitoring System

Product Variants

Oizom offers 3 different versions for Odosense – with each variant monitoring different parameters. This makes it easy for you to choose the perfect fit for your problem as per the requirements.

  • General Purpose Application
  • Parameters: SO2, H2S, NH3, Temperature, Humidity
  • Extensive Application
  • Parameters: SO2, H2S, NH3, CH3SH, CH4, TVOC Temperature, Humidity
  • Critical Applications
  • Parameters: SO2, H2S, NH3, CH3SH, CH4, TVOC, CH2O, NO2, Cl2, Temperature, Humidity
  • Application: Optional
  • Parameters: Wind speed, Wind Direction (integrable for all the 3 variants)

Odosense Solution Applications



Monitoring odour intensity in and around water treatment plants can help regulate odour emission by appropriate maintenance on time. It can avoid odour nuisance in the surrounding residential areas.



Diffusion of odourful gases from the landfills/dumpyard can create nuisance in the neighbourhood. The odour level can be monitored to identify hotspots and take steps for odour suppression.



Emissions of carcinogenic and other hazardous gases from the effluent treatment process can be monitored in real-time. Preventive actions can be taken immediately to reduce maintenance cost.



Odourful gaseous emission from industries like agro-chemical, pharmaceutical, paper-pulp, sugar, etc. can be monitored to take data-driven measures for minimizing their fatal effect on human health.

Odour Monitoring System Architecture

Odosense System Agnostic Product e nose based Odour Monitoring System Oizom Odour Monitoring System