V12SM Dust Controller

V12SM Autonomous Dust Controller

The V12Sm is the mobile solution to all your dust problems.

It was designed on a platform so as to be loaded by any truck with a 6m (20 foot) loading bridge. It is the ideal solution for all the applications where the lack of water and power does not allow the use of standard equipment. The system can operate autonomously up to a maximum of 8 hours (with 20l/min.). Thanks to its small size the V12Sm can be easily shipped around the world.

The unit is equipped with the latest generation of V12S which is faster and more compact, the water cistern of 10,000 liters (2642 US gallons) is made with special bulkheads on the inside to prevent excessive water motion. The power generator mounts an engine with emission Level 3A and delivers 60 kVA, so as to ensure proper operation of the unit.


Nominal voltage 400 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Nominal current 31 A
Generator 60 kVA
Nominal power – turbine 11 kW
Nominal power – pump 4 kW
Length overall 6000 mm
Widht overall 2500 mm
Height with lowered machine 2400 mm
Height with machine working 4400 mm
Capacity water tank 10000 l
Weight mobile basis with machine 5200 kg
Weight only dust abating machine 650 kg
Storage temperature -5° a 45° C
Tilt turbine 0° – 52°
Swing (automatic) 360°
Range (up to) 50 m
Acoustic emissions (1500/1000 rpm) 63/60 dB(A) @ 20m
Acoustic emissions generator 63 dB(A) @ 20m
Min. water inlet pressure 3 bar
Water filter 250µm/60mesh
Number of nozzles 12+18
Water consumption 16-75 l/min