GDA – Needle Jet Nozzles


GDA models are classic high impact needle jet nozzles, easy to clean and clog-resistant. Their tips spray a solid stream of high pressure water inside pipes usually containing a steel brush that can be manually or automatically rotated. The rotating brush moving inside the pipe takes all the dirt off the inner walls and then flushes out the debris through an escape valve. For their revolutionary design, GDA nozzles are ideal for high pressure cleaning in paper mills and in all industrial processes requiring a high impact needle spray jet. Their resistance to clogging ensures greater productivity and low servicing costs.

Thread: 1/4″, 9/16-24NEF
Spray Angle: 0°
Capacity: 0.12-7.3 L/min (10 bar)
Materials: AISI 303, AISI 316L, Brass,
Ruby inserts available.

Typical applications – Washing filter cloth washing, woolen blanket washing, parts washing