H1 Swing Atomiser

The H1 Swing is a spray head that has 1 nozzle and can rotate 360°. There are two variants: the fully automatic H1 Swing and the semi-automatic H1 Proxy. In contrast to the fully automatic H1 H1 Swing and Proxy 136x300 H1 Swing AtomiserSwing, the H1 Proxy has to be set manually once, however then it works automatically. The H1 Proxy is very robust and was created especially for construction sites and industrial plants with harsh environmental conditions.

The spray heads are mainly used where a large area of dust has to be controlled. For example, they are positioned at various points along dusty roads, over dump hoppers and ROM bins.

Features of the H1 Swing and Proxy Spray Heads:

  • There are 2 variants: the fully automatic H1 Swing and the semi-automatic H1 Proxy
  • The H1 Swing/Proxy covers a floor area of over 500m2 (without wind)
  • The H1 Swing/Proxy is very versatile: Zones and speed can be programmed as required for each spray head and also be coordinated with each other
  • The spray head is made of sturdy stainless steel
  • Drives and function sensors are designed in low voltage
  • Installation and handling of the spray heads is very easy



Dusty roads, construction sites, mine sites, material processing facilities, composting facilities, storage areas, etc.

Control system for H1 Swing and Proxy

Control of the oscillating heads takes place via an easy-to-use control system. The position for mounting the control system can be chosen freely, ideally it should be an easily accessible location. For maximum security, the service interface is password protected.

All the parameters of each individual spray head can be changed using the service interface, such as the IP address of the individual components in the network or timer parameters. With the H1 Swing, the interface can also be used to change the rotation speed, spray angle and zero position. Using the user interface, data such as the position of the spray head, the active program, pump pressure, error messages etc. can be monitored.

With the aid of Modbus technology, any number of spray heads can be controlled and the individual spray heads can communicate with each other. If there is no dust, the spray head will automatically switch off. Can be connected to various sensors to trigger and control operation such as dust monitors, weather stations, motion and noise sensors etc.

H1 Technical Specifications H1 Swing Atomiser

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