H1 Dust Suppression Nozzles

The H1 Dust Suppression System is a versatile high-pressure misting system for controlling dust and odour. It consists of a modular design and can therefore be flexibly adapted to the needs of customers (degree of emission, place of use, amount and properties of dust/odour). In addition, installation requires little effort, is space-saving and can operate directly on the dust source. Appropriate nozzles are selected to suit each individual application and customer requirement.

H1 Ship Loading 1024x683 H1 Dust Suppression Nozzles


  • The modular design of the H1 System enables flexible adaptation of the system to the respective situation
  • The simplicity and small size of the nozzles and supply lines allow for quick and cost-effective installation in the immediate vicinity of the dust source
  • The system works fully automatically and requires little maintenance depending on the design
  • Cost savings: if there is no dust, the system switches off automatically
  • High adaptability: the system can be used for both open storage and closed spaces
  • Thanks to the ingenious nebulization technology, dust is bound with a very small amount of water and with maximum result (advantage: no water puddles, energy efficiency)

The system was originally developed for dust binding, it then established itself over the years in the field of odour control. Since the H1 System can be flexibly adapted to all situations, many customers have also decided to mix the two functions; i.e. where necessary, the system binds dust, otherwise odour.


  • Handling of bulk material
  • Humidification of streets and squares
  • Harbours
  • Open bins and hoppers
  • Closed spaces
  • Composting plants
  • Crushers
  • Transfer points on conveyor belts

H1 Stacking H1 Dust Suppression Nozzles